Elevator how to respond when a failure occurs?

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  Now elevators are equipped with safety clamp, even if the power of this safety device will not fail. Once the condition of the elevator, which will firmly grip pliers protection on both sides of the rail lift shafts, the elevator will not fall or hoisting. Many elevators and computer error correction, start working automatically after a failure, so in case of an elevator malfunction, do not panic, stay calm and wait for rescue. 

Each elevator car door has two layers, particular attention should be out of the elevator. There was a girl hold hands while waiting outside the elevator car door, elevator door suddenly opened, this girl fell into the elevator shaft directly. 

  Another is that the elevator will stop and open the door below the floor, then some of the habitual behavior (such as chat, cell phone, reading the newspaper) will make people neglect, and more fell into step by step on the cracks in the car and the elevator shaft . 

Elevator should take the following protective actions fall: up to each floor of the keys are pressed; If the elevator with a handle, a hand grip handles; entire back with the head close to the elevator walls, in a straight line ; knees bent posture 

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