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According to the annual inspection to determine the need for repairs , have the ability to use the maintenance unit with an elevator and have expertise and technical personnel, can create their own service organization , can also be commissioned to obtain units of government administration issued a permit to repair the elevator maintenance . Great Elevator

Elevator maintenance operation

Before maintenance personnel with emergency landing door key to open the landing door , ready to enter the car on top of the hoistway should concentrate , sober. Although the landing door has been opened , when entering the hoistway will be forced to close, the device off layer door to resume normal operation , and can answer the call . Therefore , before entering the hoistway , the access switch inside the car maintenance status and will turn people cast emergency stop button . When maintenance personnel to quickly enter the car , be careful not to stay in the dock at the gate level . While the car top inspection box overhaul switch is turned on , and definitely not the car roof maintenance personnel within the command staff operated the elevator car to run maintenance work.

Reducer repair

Reducer should be running smoothly without vibration , the main requirement is a gnawing worm and worm together well. Since the worm, the worm wear , resulting in increased backlash , vibration will make the car run. At this point adjustable worm shaft bearings at both ends of the base gasket . As its worm shaft eccentric shaft structure , can be eccentric worm shaft bearing cap bolts loose , rotation of the shaft to adjust the backlash of the chew together . About backlash should be based on the scope of the provisions to adjust the production plant because it has a direct relationship with the tooth , lubricants , structure, process and so on. Elevator starts braking, the car in for speed , reversing runtime greater sense of shock and vibration , probably due to wear and tear caused by the screw thrust bearing axial clearance increased due. At this point the worm shaft end flange can be turned to adjust the storm worm shaft end flange nuts and paper pad or replace thrust thrust bearing . Axial clearance should be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the production plant. Backlash and axial clearance must be performed by an experienced professional training | adjust staff. Deceleration body chassis lube , oil level should be kept according to the position shown in observation to add . Every six months for a cleaning job and replaced with new oil tank . Lube oil refinery in Lanzhou recommended 150 or 320 numbers. Cover, peep holes , bearing engagement with the box cover, etc. There should be no oil leakage at the phenomenon . As the worm protruding end of packing seals should always observe the drip , should be 3 to 5 minutes 1 drop . Packing adjustment cap nut , not squeeze too tight to avoid the worm axle failure. As the worm protruding end mechanical seal structure , found that the oil spill should be replaced. Rolling worm shaft should be 3 ~ 5g monthly injection of calcium-based grease to ensure full bearing chamber space 2/3. Gearbox temperature should not be higher than 60. C, the maximum oil temperature not higher than 80 ℃. When Rolling uneven noise , percussion or temperature is too high , you should promptly repair or replacement. Always check the reducer coupling at the bolts should be no loosening.

Elevator stopped ladder maintenance

When the car does not need to run repair work , maintenance personnel should open position where the switch the following : ( 1 ) in the engine room, the power switch is turned off. ( 2 ) When the car roof , the safety gear linkage switch boxes and roof repair emergency stop switch is turned off . ( 3 ) in the car , emergency stop button should be planted on the steering box and the power switch is turned off . ( 4 ) In the pit , the pit should be the safety switch and overhaul boxes governor tensioning device emergency stop switch is off .

Maintenance of the mechanical brake

Always check the wear and aging elastic flexible coupling . Report such cases, should be replaced in order to avoid a crash when running the car vibration and noise. Brake action should be flexible , reliable, electromagnetic armature guide copper jacket should slide freely. If the phenomenon of delayed action should be timely maintenance , removal of the copper jacket of the oil, a little talcum powder can be added as a lubricant . Pin at all , should always be injected engine oil lubrication. When found , including the accumulation of oil , should be removed to clean. To maintain reliable braking performance , often removing spilled oil on the brake wheel . Brake coil temperature generally should not exceed 60 ℃, the maximum temperature not higher than 105 ℃. Always check for loose coil terminals , and to ensure good insulation . Brake operation, the brake shoes should be uniformly bonded to close the working surface of the brake drum ; brake shoe taken along the face of the wheel when the brake release clearance should be between 0.5 ~ 0.7mm, and the two brake shoes must be consistent . If the gap is too large , it will lead to increased braking deceleration , the impact of comfort , so often adjust the gap. Especially after running for some time , brake shoe, brake wheel working surface , the friction even more smooth. After this time you can loose brakes, adjust the gap to the minimum clearance without friction , ride comfort will be significantly improved. When patients exposed nails brake band should be replaced to avoid it with the brake wheel friction . When they find the braking force is weakened , adjustable spring nut to increase the braking force. Wheel and brake shoe found poor concentricity should brake shims to adjust the base at the bottom.

Maintenance of traction sheave

When the rope sheave grooves worn when inconsistent or uneven like braided was seriously affect the use , the need to take off the traction rope , with a special rope groove template tools and gear fixed to overhaul speeds to repair rope groove . Meanwhile, adjust traction rope and rope fastening sleeve , consistent with the tension between the ropes . Serious and can not be repaired due to wear of the tractor wheels should contact the manufacturer for replacement .

Traction Motor Repair

Forced ventilation fan motor is controlled by the temperature relay embedded within the stator . When the internal temperature of the motor rises to 55 ℃, fan start working , the line is stopped when the temperature drops 45 ℃ observers . Lighting power supply fan power is available , often in the traction motor is stopped, the fan continues to work . Should always check the traction motor temperature rises , the fan has a million abnormal working conditions , such as problem should promptly contact the manufacturer to replace or repair by the manufacturer . If they continue to use , you will surely burn the main motor . Should always check the oil level in the sump plain bearings , broken lines shown in the oil lubrication . Should not exceed six months to replace oil . When replacing the oil tank inside all the net, and washed with petrol and then injected into the oil sump chamber specified viscosity. Should always pay attention to the work of bearing oil rings to ensure there is enough oil bearing . When the oil ring is rotated quickly found and have slight noise may be insufficient fuel, such as oil ring is rotated very slowly compared to poor lubrication phenomena . The temperature should not be higher than the order of the sleeve 80 ℃. When found different heart worm shaft and the motor shaft inspection, should be timely adjusted . For non- rigid connection to the heart of a should be less than 0.02mm, while the elastic coupling should be less than 0.1mm.

Maintenance of the control cabinet

Should be inspected regularly to eliminate contactors, solenoid relay dust and pull faces at the grease and other items. Contact check the reliability of contacts , pull the outer coil insulation is good, action is reliable mechanical interlock device and relay contact pulls or without significant noise. Moving contact wire connection at the head without fracture phenomena . Post Office wire connection should be tightened without loosening. When replacing the fuse , the fuse should make the loop current match . General control circuit fuse current rating should be consistent with loop power supply rated current. Motor circuit fuse should be rated for 2.5 to 3 times the rated motor current.

Maintenance of speed measurement device

If there is vertical jitter ride or start speed control system , the system oscillates feeling when the car , then in addition to checking the drag system , you should first check whether the installation tachometer generator and traction motor spindle concentricity . Such as nylon belt or toothed belt drive, drive belts should be checked for wear or damage , direct impact on the stability of these circumstances tacho generator output voltage , and therefore must be replaced if there are questions . Inspected once every quarter tacho-generator brushes , such as badly worn and should be replaced , and clear the motor charcoal . Meanwhile , add calcium-based grease in the bearings . If speed measuring device for the optical encoder, you should check photoelectric sensor is intact, the transmitter and receiver mirror is clean , installation location is changed and so on.

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