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Do you smoke? Whether inadvertently take the elevator when it smoked cigarettes? Below this news may give smokers a reminder , perhaps this bad habit , not only cause resentment of others , it will bring unexpected danger.

        Today ( September 18 ) morning, the reporter went to a high-rise residential buildings on the street Zhuque entire building is equipped with a total of three lifts , each elevator in a prominent position close to the non-smoking logo. But the building 's cleaning staff told reporters that there are individual households or unconsciously , they sweep out more than once in the elevator had cigarette butts.

        Cleaners Building : Smoking is a self-inflicted injury , he was drawn to others draw a second bite mouth ( secondhand smoke ) , not hurt someone else. In another high-rise residential area near where residents say elevator smoke , although not a common phenomenon , but it will come once every few days , for these are not conscious smokers , and everyone felt very annoying. The whole car is relatively small, smoke , then to the next person is also affected. Because I do not smoke , it is more hate this .

        Reporter then went to residential property office , where you can see all the elevators in the residential real-time monitoring , less than half an hour waiting , we found a man walked into the elevator, took out a lighter lit a cigarette and began to swallow in the elevator clouds spit fog. Is smoking really so big? Smoked more than a decade of residential tenants , Mr. Wang said , elevator smoke that white is not consciously .


         Reporter : Some people can not help but think that the only pumping, do you think?

         Area residents : I think the basic can we resist it.

        In addition to the elevator smoking health hazards of passive smoking to others , but more worrying is the fire hazard. In the new park area near Xi'an, Samsung , recently renovated , many households are busy moving, flammable materials and out of the elevator more, many workers are smoking a cigarette when you can work , too easy to easy to cause fires, residential security no option but to stop patrolling reminder.


        Reporter : Lift smoking will affect security ?

        Director of Special Office in Xi'an Bureau of Quality Supervision Ping : certainly , once the elevator stops ladder later, it is easy to cause damage to the elevator, another elevator are some of the ads are flammable , likely to cause some of the fire, plus transport of construction materials , we happened before this incident , used to have a cell because of smoke caused by excessive elevator accident .

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