2014 elevator industry outlook

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Near the end of the year , summing up the past , look to the future . In the soon to be over in 2013 , the elevator industry overall pick . 2014 elevator industry force point is what areas ? And what effect January 1, 2014 will officially implemented the " Special Equipment Safety Law," the elevator industry will bring ? Faced with the new industry environment , how should SMEs elevator layout ? With a series of questions , " China 's Government Procurement News " reporter recently interviewed the China Elevator Association Secretary General Zhang Yuexiang .

His optimism , professionalism , pragmatism , a reporter in the interview process felt . Optimism is always with him on the elevator industry a positive attitude. Pragmatic, and that he always stood to look at the development of highly elevator industry enterprises . And professional , is derived from his long years of hard work in the elevator industry .

Rural market will become an important force point

December 10 , when the reporter finally saw张乐祥, he had just returned from Hangzhou Langfang . And he told reporters , but also the next morning went to Changsha . "Busy , indicating that the elevator industry well ." He says.

That is true . 2012 first increment diminished elevator industry , the decline in growth situation arises , an increase of 15.8%. Held in a time of cautious industry accounted for the majority of people . However, proved to be better than last year, the elevator market situation . " 2013 growth is estimated to reach about 18% ." Zhangle Xiang said .

In张乐祥seems , at this stage the domestic market is still new ladder lift market , sales still dominate the new ladder absolute advantage in the market. Sales mainly targeted at the real estate industry and infrastructure . Elevator belong to downstream industries , under normal circumstances , after the completion of the main building , the elevator will begin to implement the project . The recent good performance of the real estate market , to the elevator industry has brought good news.

At the same time , the market is still concentrated in the second and third tier hot cities and small towns. It is worth mentioning that the recent Third Plenary Session of eighteen , that " the establishment of a unified urban and rural construction land market", " promote urban elements equal exchange and balanced allocation of public resources , improve the healthy development of urbanization system ." "In the future , the rural market will play a huge role in promoting the industry ." Zhang Yuexiang very optimistic about this emerging market .

In addition , the old ladder update will also become part of the market can not be ignored . Zhangyue Xiang said that in Beijing , Shanghai and other cities , there will be a large number of service time of 15 years old ladder facing updated. Although the size of this market is not large , but the future will become an integral part of the market .

Recall , tracking manufacturing units will become big test

Looking in the past , in order to better grasp the future . " 2014 is the optimistic outlook for the elevator industry ." Zhang Yuexiang said with confidence . And the new year , as well as an elevator industry event. " Special Equipment Safety Act " will be from January 1, 2014 the formal implementation . " " Special Equipment Safety Law " a lot of content in the previous implementation of the" special equipment safety regulations "has been involved in , the key is to look at execution ." Zhang Yuexiang that " the impact on the industry , the short-term I think it will not be obvious , but In the long term , the impact will certainly be . "

Among them, the impact of the implementation of the new law on the elevator manufacturing units , will be the biggest . " Special Equipment Safety Law" Article 26 explicitly proposed to establish special equipment defect recall system . " Unlike the elevator cars and other products , which is assembled at the site once recalled , it means going to each site for parts , which the manufacturing unit will be a very big problem ."

Similarly, the " People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" amendment implemented since 2014 , Zhang Yuexiang think , even more stringent than the former . Manufacturing units in the recall of substandard products , we must also bear the losses caused by the recall . " The elevator is a typical consumer , for individual consumers , does not make a profit . Loss caused by the recall will be incalculable ."

Zhang Yuexiang said another manufacturing unit test is to establish a tracking system. " Special Equipment Safety Law" Article 46 provides that the elevator was put into use , the elevator manufacturing units for its safe operation shall be made ​​to track the elevator to investigate and understand . " This provision also means that the manufacturing units to provide for the installation of Maintenance Unit Installation Maintenance information on how to provide both scientific and economic dimension of security solutions , such as what and when to replace parts, it is weak elevator manufacturing units. " Zhang Yuexiang said .

SMEs should turn install maintenance services

Mentioned elevator manufacturing unit , we have to mention the recent performance of active domestic independent brands. According to the reporter , as of now , six elevators have four listed companies are funded enterprises . However, this does not mean that China's elevator manufacturing companies mature , because the domestic elevator enterprises are smaller . According to the China Elevator Association statistics, as of the end of 2012 , the whole manufacturing enterprises reached more than 450. Under the new situation, the development of the Road of these enterprises should do?

Insiders said there have been small and medium enterprises should focus on the development of the elevator . In this regard, Zhang Yuexiang gives a different view. He believes that small and medium enterprises blindly engage in some R & D investment , it is not necessary , are low-end duplication and waste a lot of manpower and cost. He said , standing in the industry point of view, each component has a 5-6 companies in technology research and development , other companies can through technical references. After all, technology is unlimited copies can be copied , so there is no need for duplication of work .

Zhang Yuexiang insisted that SMEs should focus on applications . For example, how do the installation and maintenance of security , how to carry out project management , how to integrate market through logistics . In particular, began implementing the " Special Equipment Safety Law" next year , the elevator manufacturing units for installation , repair and maintenance put forward higher requirements, in this context , SMEs should actively converted to installation repair and maintenance services, improving since security dimension ratio. In fact, many SMEs have begun to expand the number of repair and maintenance , the establishment of training centers , to take school-enterprise cooperation , training professionals, set up the elevator parts distribution centers , construction elevator repair and maintenance 4S shop , and have achieved some results.

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