China machinery industry: policy direction to incr

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Direct positive housing supply is expected to accelerate the elevator industry .

    Chairman of the real estate practice in the first position , the proposed policy direction to increase supply . We think that will have a direct positive elevator industry . Speech to speed up the establishment of a unified , standardized , mature, stable housing supply system, do everything possible to increase the housing supply , increase the total housing land supply. We expect the introduction of the policy may be mainly in two aspects: 1 ) accelerate the construction of the existing construction of housing ; 2 ) accelerate new construction and land supply . Elevator mainly in the construction stage of the procurement , supply will accelerate direct positive elevator industry .
    Accelerate the construction of affordable housing should promote growth in demand for elevators .
    Speech to speed up low-rent housing , accelerate the implementation of various shantytowns . Affordable housing now accounts for 20% -30 % of total demand elevator , 20-30 ten thousand annual demand , we expect the next two years, new construction of affordable housing at 600 million units , built in copy number 1800-1900 million. In accordance with new construction and construction planning , we expect demand growth in the corresponding lift of about 20%.
    Three quarters of the elevator industry demand, profitability improved.
    Lift the entire third quarter alone, industry revenue growth of 20% , profit growth of about 45% , essentially flat with the previous two quarters , profit growth faster mainly because of strong demand , prices have raised . We believe that if the protection of housing construction accelerated, the industry growth rate will increase to more than 20% .
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    We are optimistic about the coming year boom elevator industry , Canny Elevator maintained a "buy " rating.

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