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JoyMore-HL home elevators, the world's top design style + of the most advanced numerical concepts, deductive beautiful, honorable life. Quality vertical transportation solutions, with respect to the other elevator specifications, requiring only a small area of ​​the shaft height and lower the top and bottom hole depth of space, have a higher utilization rate wells, to bring customers more interests. A new generation of intelligent vector-type elevator integrated controller to make it more secur
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Space-saving building
Relative to the same specifications other elevator hoistway requires only a small area and the lower pit the top space height and depth of the wells with higher channel utilization, to bring customers more benefits. Without machine room, saving civil engineering costs, lower building height, for architects to provide more flexibility in the design space, make the building look more elegant。
Shorten the construction period
Single-phase power supply (household air-conditioning power to) without having to apply for another three-phase power supply, the overall layout flexibility and convenience, if the shaft with steel frame construction will be more efficient。
Advocate for green energy
On the drag system that uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor as a power source, no excitation current, compared to traditional hydraulic and 40-45% reduction of energy-saving, noise reduction 5-10Db。
Advocates humane care
On the car decoration, can be used with different materials as Car wall to accommodate a variety of customer requirements and coordination with the external environment. While widening the car door and out design for easy wheelchair access. Provide passengers timely arrival voice prompts floor, elevator running voice prompts, even the blind can enjoy elegant and accurate service.
Humane operation function
Floor display with LED dot matrix display, clear and bright; easy identification of people with poor eyesight. Disk can be used to manipulate the car Braille protruding buttons, the elevator car design through in-depth investigation, the humane, personalization, security, and energy conservation and environmental protection combined aspects reflect the extreme point.
Convenient maintenance
Elevator equipment in conjunction with the shaft directly from the appropriate location outside the hoistway or elevator inspection operation, maintenance personnel do not have to enter the repair can be carried out inside the hoistway, convenient and safe。

Specification 250 320 400
Load(kg) 250 320 400
Shape Square
Speed(m/s) 0.4 0.4 0.4
Control Complete election control
Drive mode VVVF drive
Door control VVVF inverter door
Host form Permanent magnet synchronous gearless machine
Master System CTRL80 Integrated controller
Communication Serial communication
Car specifications (W * D * H) 850*900*2200 900*1000*2200 1000*1100*2200
Door sizes(W * H) Next to open bi-fold    700*2100 Next to open bi-fold    800*2100 Next to open bi-fold    800*2100
Lift height <12m <12m <12m
Well Size(W * D) 1500*1350 1600*1400 1700*1500
Host location Top of the hoistway side(Top rail)
The top height >2800 >2800 >2800
Pit Depth >350 >350 >350
Motor rated power(kw) 0.7 0.9 1.1
Rated Current(A) 5.9 7.3 9

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