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YD car elevator, car lift introduction of foreign technologies mature, after absorption, transformation, promotion, and development of FPA series of automotive lifts. Advanced technology ensures noise due to discontinuity lead car traction system load and cause aggravation arising from the existence of this car shaking unfavorable factors to optimize the characteristics of this series of products. FPA series car lift with equipment streamlined, easy to operate the advantages: the same parking sp
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Flexible room settings: no top-level room
Building strength requirements Low: building from vertical force, reduce building strength requirements。
Save floor space: no transfer layer driveway area。
Heavy duty: to facilitate vertical transport all types of car
High safety performance
With a variety of safety devices, smooth and safe operation, so much care of your car。

Model FPA3000/0.5
Rated load(kg) 3000
Car specifications (W * D * H) 2500*5900*2200
Speed(m/s) 0.5
Open form Carve bi-fold
Door sizes(mm) 2500*2100
Lift height(m) 45
Motor Power(kw) 15
Well Size(W * D) 4100*6400
Room size(W * D * H) 4400*6400*2400
The top height(mm) 4300
Pit Depth(mm) 1500
The main stress points R1 85
R2 75
R3 180
R4 130



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