Installation Maintenance

Elevator configuration scheme

Flexibility and configuration options diversity Yuanda elevator technology system is optimized to ensure delivery systems architecture . Yuanda engineering
Teachers who use the building according to aesthetic features, combined with the flow of people , habits , internal and external parameters such as traffic environment for our customers in terms of cost
Seek the best balance between performance. From the drive system , the control system until manipulate color box buttons , Yuanda attention to each
Civil engineering program
Yuanda also well versed in the relationship between architectural space and value . Yuanda 's civil engineering consultant will have predictable and accurate study of the hoistway base
Built environment, timely participation in architectural planning and construction process to ensure that a minimum amount of construction and area to meet the elevator configuration, as developers win
More can be added space.
Elevator installation program
Elevator installation and commissioning of the system into the stage, the building began to be delivered normally , so the degree of control every detail and intensive process will
Have a direct impact on developers, property management providers and the interests of the owners. Yuanda elevator installation project supervision staff have
Nearly two decades of professional experience , to be precise manufacturing cycle Yuanda elevator control , Yuanda will be installed at the most appropriate time to approach
And can accurately grasp for a variety of complex installation environment . Years proved Yuanda elevator building in a hurry to deliver
Always allow owners of pleased .
Maintenance and update service reform
From Yuanda Maintenance engineers and technical workers, the general body , you will find mature credible skills and attitudes . Yuanda commitments:
In case of emergency repairs , technicians will be the fastest to put to use any one of Yuanda elevator . Meanwhile , property management provider
Will receive regular assessment reports Yuanda submitted elevator operation , providing reliable real Xiang Bulgaria in a timely manner in accordance with the dimensions of elevator running life
Case , the transformation program and the whole staircase parts replacement program , and to ensure full respect for the interests of the development budget lift users. From our group
Organization and training exchange activities , you'll get a wealth of information about life elevator . Yuanda property management providers will help build communities Man
Technology , together with you to experience the joy of the mission.
Investment Valuation building delivery systems
Yuanda property consultants and engineers to assess the customer's choice to make the investment value analysis, budgeting and investment thorough comparative analysis
For customers to save valuable money. More importantly, the building features an elevator match Yuanda personality make great appreciation potential property

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